Registration of South African Citizens visiting or residing in South Korea

South African citizens, who visit Korea for any length of time, are encouraged to register with the South African Embassy, Seoul.

Please note that the completion of the registration form is voluntary. We would like to stress that all information contained in the form is for the sole use of the South African mission. Hence the information provided will be handled strictly confidential and will not be divulged to other persons or institutions.

By registering, missions are assisted in determining how many citizens are abroad in a city, town or region in a particular country. It assists missions plan in an event of an evacuation, natural disaster, etc. Furthermore, your contact details will be available in case of emergency.

Please click the button below to proceed with the online registration. Should you have any problem registering online, you are welcome to request the form from the Consular Section.

Please remember to inform the Consular Section when you permanently depart from Korea.



Contact Information:
Tel : + 82-2) 2077-5900 / Fax : + 82-2) 793-5981
Email :

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