South African Embassy, Seoul

South Africa participates in the Expo 2020 Dubai UAE


South Africa is a participating nation in Expo 2020 Dubai, inspiring new ways with its world-class pavilion and authentic experiences, stimulating innovation and creating tangible opportunities in trade and investment, with millions of visitors and 191 participating countries. Please explore the South African pavilion by clicking the following links.

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[PHOTO] Opening Ceremony of the South Af... 
[PHOTO] The 71st anniversary of South Af... 
[Media Release] SA products to be showca... 
[PHOTO] Visit to Busan by Ambassador Dla... 
[PHOTO] Ambassador's visit to Nana Corpo... 
[PHOTO] Nelson Mandela International Day 
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[PHOTO] The 36th Seoul International Tou... 
[PHOTO] Ambassador Dlamini's visit to Ko... 
[PHOTO] Ambassador Dlamini's visit to Ko... 
[PHOTO] Signing of MOU between the Embas... 
[PHOTO] International Conference of UN S... 
[PHOTO] The commemoration of the 70th an... 
[PHOTO] Virtual Wine Tasting 
[PHOTO] Visit by students from the Seoul... 
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Starting a business in South Africa
'Don't ever forget', a song dedicated to UN veterans of the Korean War, including those from South Africa

Collection of photos on 2020 Heritage Day Celebration

COVID-19 Update:
Mandatory COVID-19 testing for foreign residents in some provinces and cities in the ROK
One Test Per Household Campaign
Notice on COVID-19: Travellers from RSA have to submit a PCR negative certificate
Notice on COVID-19 general scheme of the measures for inbound travellers into ROK
Notice: Temporary suspension of quarantine exemption and enhanced visa screening process due to new variant of COVID-19 virus
Notice: Re-opening of the RSA borders (1 Oct. 20)
Notice issued by the Quarantine Team, SA
Announcement on Change in Application for Extension of Stay for Departure
Revised ROK laws on treatment costs for SA nationals tested positive within 14 days of entry
Label-free visa policy implemented by the ROK Government
Updated information regarding temporary suspension of the waiver of Re-Entry Permits for long-term visa holders by ROK
Notice on Suspension of Re-Entry Permit Exemption and Submission of Diagnosis for Re-Entry of Long-term Stayers
Temporary suspension of the waiver of Re-Entry Permits for long-term visa holders implemented by the Government of the Republic of Korea
Revised Quarantine Measures applied to foreign travelers entering Korea from abroad
Notice for Travellers on Quarantine Facility in ROK
Temporary suspension of Korea’s visa-free entry scheme for the Republic of South Africa
New Measures at airports for all incoming travellers
Social Distancing and ROK Information websites
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