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South African tertiary education institutions and the SA Matriculation Board (MB) have in the recent past experienced an increase in the cases of fraudulent educational certificates being submitted in order to gain admission to tertiary institutions in SA. The MB indicated that the incidence of certification and identity fraud being experienced is also very serious.

The Embassy can assist with the following:

As far as educational certificates are concerned, the Embassy can certify a copy of the certificate as a true copy of the original certificate on condition that the original document is submitted with the copies to be certified.

  • The copy must be intended for use in South Africa only.
  • The original document does not need to originate from SA. A copy of a foreign certificate may also be certified, provided it is intended for use in SA.
  • A fully original document must also be submitted.
  • The photocopy of the document must be a clear and legible document.
  • The Director of the MB confirmed that in cases where SA Educational Institutions require foreign based students to submit certified copies of educational certificates, they merely require that the Embassy certify that the photocopy is a true copy of the original document presented to the Embassy. The MB confirmed that the onus to accept or determine the authenticity of the education certificate rests on the SA Institution and the MB, not the Embassy. To certify a copy as a true copy of the original is not regarded as authentication of the original document.

If a member of the public needs to have an educational certificate authenticated for any other reason, it remains the responsibility of that person to contact the relevant SA authorities in order to obtain such authentication. Please be informed that after the original certificate was stamped by the Department of Education, Pretoria, the document must be presented to the Legislation Section, Department of Foreign Affairs, Pretoria, for final processing. A courier company may be used on your behalf, as you do not have to be present personally.

Details of the Legislation Section


The Legislation Section
Department of Foreign Affairs
Tulbagh Park Building
Church Street
Pretoria, 0002 

Tel: + 27 12 351-1231
Fax: + 27 12 351-1516/351-1916
E-mail address:

or dcon@foreign.gov.za

Please note

The Embassy will certify only proper and complete copies of education certificates as true copies of the original document upon presentation of a legible original certificate. However, should the Embassy have valid reasons to suspect that a certificate has been forged or tampered with; the Embassy has the right to refuse to certify such a copy.

Contact details of the Department of Education for the verification/authentification of school and
higher education certificates
For verification/authentication of school Certificates

Contact person:
Mr B Makgato

Room 258, Van der Stel Building
179 Pretorius Street

Tel : +27 12 312-5843

For verification/authentication of school Certificates
The principal of the school needs to provide a letter stating that the pupil studied at school.   
Thereafter it should be taken to the Department of Education.
For Secondary school certificates
The original matric certificate, together with a copy, should be taken to the Department   of Education for verification.
For verification/authentication of Higher Education Certificates

Contact person:
Dr S Boshoff Room 543A Tel : +2712 312-5262
Ms A Meintjes Room 542 Tel : +2712 312-5409
Ms S Mampane Room 545 Tel : +2712 312-5256

Sol Plaatje House
123 Schoeman Street
Pretoria, 0002

The original degree, diploma, certificate together with copies should be taken to the Department of Education.
The above officials DO NOT deal with private educational institutions.
For verification/authentication of Private Higher Education

Contact person:
Dr EB Mahlobo

Sol Plaatje House
123 Schoeman Street
Pretoria, 0002

Tel : +2712 312-5320


Contact Information:
Tel : + 82-2 - 2077-5900 / Fax : + 82-2 - 793-5981
Email : consular.seoul@dirco.gov.za

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