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The application for a Police Clearance Certificate is a personal matter that the applicant must attend to and the issuing of the a Clearance Certificate is the sole responsibility of the South African Police Services - Criminal Record Centre in Pretoria, please see the website http://www.saps.gov.za/faqdetail.php?fid=11


  1. Applicants must forward applications/requests directly to the SAPS - Criminal Record Centre in Pretoria.

  2. If forwarded from abroad, the application may be forwarded via any reputable
    courier company.  The courier company must be PREPAID to collect the documents from the Criminal Record Centre and return the documents to the sender.

  3. It is important to find out whether the requesting authority would need the police clearance certificate to be legalised.  It will save time and money to submit the original Police Clearance Certificate to the Department of International Relations and Cooperation - Legalisation Section before it is returned to the applicant.  Applicants must specify this in their application to the SAPS - Criminal Record Centre.  Refer to http://www.dirco.gov.za/consular/legalisation.htm for further information regarding legalisation (authentication) of official documentation.

  4. The South African Embassy can only to assist to take fingerprints.  The applicant must visit the Embassy during consular hours with original passport or SA ID document. The applicant is responsible to forward the application/request for a Police Clearance Certificate directly to the SAPS - Criminal Record Centre in Pretoria.

  5. The applicant may use this Fingerprints form (scanned copy). Please contact the Embassy to obtain a better quality copy of the form.


Contact Information:
Tel : + 82-2 - 2077-5900 / Fax : + 82-2 - 793-5981
Email : consular.seoul@dirco.gov.za

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