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> Register in Korea
> Travel Documents
> Identity Documents
> Marriages
> Births
> Death of SA citizen in Korea
> Notarisation & Authentication of Documents
> Travel advice on illegal activities abroad
> Scam Letters (419 Advance Fee Fraud)
  > If you are arrested or jailed overseas
> SA Police Clearance Certificate
> South African Driver's Licence
> Importation of motor vehicles to South Africa
> Certification of Educational Certificates
> Teaching English in Korea
> Guidelines on completing forms
> Consular Fees
> Time Frames for Consular Services
Fees are payable by cash or bank guaranteed cheques in Korean currency at the time of submission of an application.
All fees are non-refundable.
Types of Application
PASSPORT: Maxi (48 pages)
KRW 55,500
PASSPORT: Tourist (32 pages)
KRW 37,000
KRW 37,000
PASSPORT: Replacement of new format South African tourist passport that runs out of blank visa pages, before their expiry dates
KRW 37,000
PASSPORT: Replacement of a lost/damaged/stolen South African passport, child passport or document for travel purposes
Double the current tariff for the document concerned. Provided that the document had been lost/ stolen/damaged through no negligence on the part of the holder, only the normal fee will be payable.
PASSPORT: Emergency travel certificate
KRW 13,000
Identity Document: Re-issuing
KRW 13,000
Birth/ Marriage/ Death: Unabridged certificate
KRW 7,000
Changes: Forenames and surnames of a minor
KRW 6,500
Changes: Surname of a major
KRW 30,000
Changes: Forename of a major
KRW 13,000
Letter of confirmation of marital status
KRW 5,000
Letter of confirmation of citizenship
KRW 8,500

Important : Please read carefully the Guidelines on completing forms before preparing documents.



Contact Information:
Tel : + 82-2 - 792-4855 / Fax : + 82-2 - 793-5981
Email : consular.seoul@foreign.gov.za

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