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Notice: The Department of Home Affairs no longer issues Temporary passports as from 01 September 2014.
Please read the website of the Department of Home Affairs: http://www.dha.gov.za/index.php/civic-services/travel-documents


Applicants must submit their complete d applications in person during the consular opening hours (Mon-Fri; 09:00-12:00, MUST arrive at the Embassy before 11H00) at the Embassy in Seoul where fingerprints are taken free of charge, copies of original documents certified . Both parents and the child under 18 years must be present at the Embassy when applying for a passport. No appointment is necessary.

A pplications will be forwarded to the Department of Home Affairs in Pretoria for process. It takes 3 to 6 months for process. Th e South African Embassy does not have any influence to speed up the process of passport application.

Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC) is valid only for a single trip and issued only to South Africans who are returning directly to South Africa urgently. It takes 3 weeks or longer for process.

Passports are issued valid for 10 years (persons 16 years and older) and 5 years (persons under 16 years). A regular tourist passport contains 32 pages, but frequent travellers can opt to get a maxi tourist passport with 48 pages. Forms are available at the Embassy.

  • BI-73 passport application form
  • BI-9 form for full set of fingerprints in case of persons 16 years and older.
  • BI-529 for determination of citizenship status (Parents’ information is compulsory to be completed on form BI-529: The full names, date of birth, date of marriage, place of marriage, SA ID numbers, nationality, number of immigration permit and date of issue, number of certificate of naturalisation and date of issue, date and place of acquisition of foreign citizenship and means of application, whichever is applicable)
  • Three recent identical colour passport photographs (35mm x 45mm). For photo specifications, please click here
  • Original passport and original SA ID document
  • Original birth certificate in case of persons under 16 years
  • Original marriage certificate or divorce decree , and written request to assume maiden/married/double-barreled surname (only applicable to women who wish to change their surnames) . Passports are issued in accordance with y our names as they appear in the National P opulation Register (NPR) at the time of your application. Any changes to your names must be applied for , fainalised and recorded in the N P R before you submit y our passport application.
  • BI-335E declaration regarding the loss/stolen / damaged passport and a police report. Please note that the fee is double.
  • Original naturalization certificate, permanent residence certificate, or exemption certificate , if applicable.
  • Original proo f of foreign citizenship, if applicable.
  • In case of emergency travel certificate, written motivation for the issuing of the emergency travel certificate and a confirmed schedule of travel arrangements.
  • Original Korean Alien Registration Card
  • Fee is KRW37,000 (regular passport), KRW55,500 (maxi passport), KRW 13,000 (Emergency passport). Fees are payable only in Korean Won by cash.

Contact Information:
Tel : + 82-2) 2077-5900 / Fax : + 82-2) 793-5981
Email : consular.seoul@dirco.gov.za

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